Monday, December 9, 2013

Aurora {Family/Newborn}

I feel like this is the PERFECT photo shoot to post while we are all saying goodbye to the beautiful fall weather and saying hello to some serious cold weather! It makes my heart SO happy to be around babies. For me they cure the worst case of grumps and bad day blues. I love to see my friends who I have grown up with become mothers and quiet amazing ones at that! SO here is to the last shoot of fall...

Meet Aurora

Aurora is the new addition to my friend Tranette and Daryl's little family. I have known Tranette & Daryl from what seems like forever. We used to run around the Elementary School playground being silly little kids and now here they are, adults with TWO little ones of their own, Aiden and Aurora! It was such a beautiful Fall, overcast day. I was in LOVE with all the beautiful leaves falling off the tree's, I could have photographed there all day long. Here is the rest of their photo session. I hope you like the photos and don't be afraid to leave me a little blog lovin in the comment space. ;)

Stay tuned for the next post on my latest music playlist that I have had on repeat for the past couple of weeks. You know you want me to introduce you to some awesome new music!<3

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Daniela said...

I love your blog! I actually started my own too!