Thursday, June 26, 2014


  "Life is one crazy roller coaster"...this is part of the conversation that me and my child hood best friend Chelsea had as we made our way up the hill to Spicer yesterday. We were so excited to be spending our day at the lake and ready to enjoy some much needed relaxation! As we started our drive up the hill I knew we had SO much to catch up on so I said "Ok, we need to start from the beginning..."Hi, my name is Angel. What's your name?" She replied with lots of laughter "I'm Chelsea" (We both are always full of giggles when we spend time together, it's something I love about our friendship and always have.) "Chelsea it is wonderful to meet you, please tell me about your life and your most recent goals and dreams." We both couldn't speak for a couple minutes because we were laughing too hard about how ridiculous we were being...

  She then proceeded to tell me about how she is trying to get into grad Washington!! I have always loved the idea of moving to Washington. I've heard so many wonderful things and I've seen so many beautiful pictures of the Seattle area. I was automatically on board with this idea even though it meant she was leaving me. She talked about her passions of health and the past year how she has been studying to get into a program that in the end fell through for her. We talked about how things we want to work don't always work out because there is something bigger in store for us and how it's hard to remember that in times of frustration. She told me that she should be getting a call any day now with the news and that she was nervous and a little worried about the  call. I've known Chelsea for a long time and when that girl is passionate about something she puts her entire heart into it and then some. I had no doubt the phone call she would receive would be a positive one. 

Before we knew it we had made our way to the lake and we both were so blown away by its beauty. We already live in a beautiful area but to only drive 45-50min to a lake surrounded by trees and gorgeous blue water. We both just couldn't get over it. As we walked down closer to the water Chelsea points out an island and says "Before we leave today we have to swim out to that spot." I laughed and told her she was nuts! "That has to be at least 8-9 pools put together. AT LEAST!!!" She continued to stay confident in her decision and to tell me how we are tough and we could do it. (A piece of me was dying inside knowing the water alone would be freezing, not to mention I'm not an Olympic swimmer! Haha)

  We get in our swimsuits and I start making it into the water before her...lots of screaming, a few cuss words and oh my gosh, oh my gosh it's freakin cold! We both couldn't stop laughing. We new what we were doing was absolutely crazy! Chels finally decided to make her way in the water and her reaction was hysterical. I thought I was being dramatic and she would conquer the water with a little more ease. I was wrong. The girl who came up with the crazy idea could barely get in the water and continued to scream bloody murder the entire time. I told her to hurry up and put her shoulders under the water so they could adjust to the temp. If I got myself in the water I sure as heck wasn't gonna back out now.

  Eventually Chels got as comfortable as possible in the water and we decided to start swimming. I knew this wasn't going to be an easy task for me because I'm not in the best of shape and I often get short of breath. The first part of the swim was difficult but by far the easiest. We talked and laughed and I would yell out ridiculous jokes like "It's like I'm surviving the Titanic!" (I know, I'm ridiculous and quite dramatic at times) haha! As we approached the rocks Chels and I are started squealing with excitement. We grabbed hands and pushed against the rocks together and I can't even begin to tell you the amount of joy that accomplishment gave me. We pushed ourselves so hard and we were determined to conquer our goal and quite honestly we kicked ass! We sat up on the rocks and gave each other a huge hug and congrats! We were stoked! We sat for a bit in the water to rest before we made our way back to other side. We enjoyed the beauty around us and constantly commented on how beautiful of a moment this was for us and thankful we were able to experience it together. 

We started our journey back and right away I could feel how exhausted my arms and legs were. I felt like I had weights tied to me and I had to stop and float for a couple minutes far more often to catch my breath and try not to hyperventilate. Thankful for Chelsea's patience in those times. She is an awesome coach and encourager. We started to get so close to the rocks and my leg started cramping up. Like those awful cramps I sometimes get in the middle of the night. I thought, great this would happen. Chelsea was completely selfless and as I floated on my back she rubbed out the cramp and then we decided to push through and hurry to the rocks. After we made it Chelsea gets out and is freezing. I forgot to mention the wind wasn't on our side what so ever on our way back. I look up and all I can see is chels hugging this huge rock to get warmth. I'm telling you...this adventure was too much. Sooo many laughs.

We make our way up to the towels. I dodge a snake thankfully and we start to take some pictures of our success! Pointing to the island that we just swam to and conquered! At this point we can't stop expressing our gratefulness of such a beautiful day and fun adventure! In the middle of me taking a photograph of Chels she gets a phone call. Where we were located there was basically no cell service at all, it was so random. We were in the middle of nowhere...oh, did I mention the number that was calling was a Washington number?! I handed her the phone and immediately pulled out my phone and hit record... 

(I realize that the photos do not do us justice. I know it doesn't look very far away, but I promise it was) haha!
  I knew this news was going to be life changing and I wanted to capture that moment for her.  She started crying happy tears and when she gets off the phone we both start screaming, she is jumping up and down on a rock absolutely ecstatic. She was accepted into Grad School and I was the lucky friend that got to be by her side while she watched part of her dreams come true..I won't ever forget this day. 

  This life is a beautiful roller coaster ride. Sometimes it's scary, sometimes it's fun and sometimes it makes you sick to your stomach. But if you stay determined to reach your goals and keep shining through it all, the good, bad and the ugly, you will make it! Keep pushing through! It's worth it! 


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Grandpa ❤

  Whenever I have fallen in life, you were there to catch me. When my own father wasn't there to be a father, you stepped in. You showed me what true strength, honor and courage was from day one. You encouraged me to follow my dreams (whatever they may be) and you were ALWAYS on the sidelines being my biggest fan. You showed me the support and unconditional love that a lot of people don't receive and though most times I feel like my time with you was cut short you gave me enough love to fill a lifetime and for that I am forever grateful. I strive to be more and more like you each day and wish to make you proud! My sweet Grandpa, you are dearly missed. Thank you for choosing me. Happy Fathers Day in Heaven. 

(Not to mention you gave thee very best hugs and had the sweetest smile) 
♥ Angel