Monday, July 28, 2014

Amber & Gatlin {Maternity}

  I took some time off from my blog, life got a bit hectic but I definitely didn’t put the camera down in that amount of time. I have SO much to catch up on. So expect to have lots of blog reading and images from me in the next couple weeks as I play catch up.

   Here is a session I photographed a couple months back. Amber looked absolutely stunning at her maternity session and I loved the earthy hippie vibe we had going. It was very fitting for her and her loved ones. Photographed with her is her boyfriend and in some of the shots her twin sister stepped in. Its truly beautiful the connection you can see she has with both of them and I really didn’t want to put my camera down. I could have photographed her for hours.

She now has a beautiful, healthy, baby boy that I hope to get in front of my camera sometime soon!

Amber, you are stunning.
Thanks for checking out my blog, stay tuned for another post on Wednesday! :)