Friday, March 28, 2014

Anthony & Tracy {Couple}

I feel like its been a while since I have posted a real photo session and this one is too adorable to not share with you.
Meet Anthony & Tracy....

I got the opportunity to photograph this awesome couple last week and it was such a blast to have them in front of my camera.  They have such a crazy little love story that makes everyone believe in in true love. They met on Instagram through a hashtag, became friends and then fell in love. Precious! The only problem was that Tracy lives in New York and Anthony lives here in California. After thousands of texts and FaceTime calls and a few visits back and forth from each of them over a years time, Tracy has made the decision to pack up her bags and head to California and everyone couldn't be happier for them!

This was a first time for Anthony being in front of someone else's camera. He is an awesome photographer and you should check out his work @ Mobile Snap Studios! Tracy is a "loc hair guru" and has a popular youtube channel. Check her out @ KOKABUTA! They are such a fun couple and I look forward to there next reunion! :)


Because on Fridays I usually post a music post I find it only fitting to post one of my favorite little lovey dovey songs! Enjoy!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

*iPhone Photography* - Round Two!

Hello friends! I have been so far behind in sharing so much with you. It has been an incredibly long couple of weeks with lots of ups and a few downs. After fighting a cold for a week I am finally feeling better and ready to jump back into all that I have been putting off. Exciting news is photography work has been keeping me really really busy, and I have SO much to show you! I thought I would do another "iPhone Photography" blog. I've decided to make it a once a month here on the blog cause I always want to share the photos I take on my phone. It's a little peep into my daily life.
Here are some moments I have captured on my phone that I want to share:
1. I went and spent the day with my Grandma, something I don't get to do enough and I always make her take a picture with me even though she absolutely hates it and complains every.single.time. But this time she didn't even put up a fight and I even got a shot of her laughing. SUCCESS!

2. Here are some photos around the property of my home. The flowers are so pretty this time of year!
3. Every couple of weeks I go over to my dear friends home to have dinner and catch up and enjoy a little wine. We sat on the back porch while the sun was setting and it was perfection.

3. Brussels sprouts and mushrooms cooked together are becoming one of my fav things to make as a side dish for dinner and it makes for a pretty picture if you ask me :) Don't mind my little polka dot socks. Haha!

 4. Early morning work shift and I snapped a quick shot off the balcony. I love my hometown.

 5. I did a little work out at the Zucca Winery and boyyy is it pretty out there! So many old barns and everything is so green!

Hope you enjoyed another "iPhone Photography" set.
My next shoot I am featuring on the blog is some crazy awesome acro-yoga ladies, stay tuned! Cant wait for you to see those! <3 p="">

Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY - {89 Cent Wall Art}

 I don't usually have a lot of free time on my hands. Working 3 jobs and trying to keep up a relationship and friendships leaves me with very little quiet time. But when I do have down time I like to work on fun little DIY projects. About a month ago I found an adorable picture frame at a thrift store that only cost 89 cents. I was stoked! It's a beautiful picture frame that has a vintage/rustic look to it and you cant beat 89 cents, so I purchased it and immediately started dreaming up ideas of what to put in it. I knew right away I didn't want to just throw a picture in it and call it good. So here is what I chose to do...

I started off by browsing an old Vogue magazine and ripping out any pages that I liked. I started off with some floral pages and black and white images. The idea in my head was very different from the way it turned out but as I was brainstorming everything it all just kinda came together. I wanted a pop of color with some black and white mixed in. I found a backdrop paper and then started lining the sides of the frame.

Once I found the right paper to line it with (I chose the blue paper with butterfly's, and then grabbed some floral to add to it) I used scissors to create a sort of wave look on both sides. I was hoping to come across either an elephant or owl photo in my Vogue magazine and place it in the middle, but that just didn't work out... So instead of filling the middle with a specific picture I chose to add text. I decided on the word Grace and thought there is no way I am going to find those letters  the way I see it in my head and surprisingly I only had to flip 3 pages till I found the word Grace! Woot woot! :)

  I cut out the letters and glued everything down where I wanted it and BAM!! Threw it in the frame and it was complete! The frame didn't have a sturdy spot on the back to hang on the wall so I found a rustic chain from an old necklace that I never wear anymore and slid it through some of the slots on the back and created a way for it to hang on my wall. Here is the project completed...

  I am really happy about the outcome and I look forward to doing more projects like this one!  :)


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Feature - {Give Generation}

  This post is really near and dear to my heart.  If you have been a reader of my blog you will notice it is not based solely on my photography work.  As stated on the right side of this page "It's a blog of passion for people, art and creativity." That is something I want to stay true to. Something that was instilled in me when I was a little girl is to always give more than you receive. There have been times in my life where I could barely feed myself and I found some way to help someone in need and I have been incredibly blessed with family and friends who have helped me in some of the worst times.

  I have been planning for sometime now to start a project on my blog where I find organizations/businesses to feature. I first discovered a few different businesses a couple years ago that when you purchase one of their products they gave another to a child in need. One of the most popular right now is toms. I am a huge fan of this kind of thing and have since found many more businesses that do this. I cant even tell you how happy it makes my heart. It's just an incredible idea and a beautiful thing to be apart of.

  I have been holding off on the idea of the feature because I just didn't know where to begin or how to start it, I just knew that my heart has this urge to get the word out for these amazing people doing amazing things. A couple of weeks ago I got a new twitter friend and I don't usually go looking into people who are following me but the name was titled "Give Generation" and I knew I had to check this out. It's funny how God places things in your lap when you least expect it. He really knows what he is doing! Give Generation is a site that shares and links up to a lot of these type of businesses! I immediately fell in love with this website and contacted the founder and here is what she shared with me...

  Give Generation was launched in 2013 but the idea first started in 2011 after she had graduated college. Her first job was for an online marketing agency and she quickly realized that the specific job that she was doing was not for her...
"Around the same time I came across a volunteer opportunity at Project 7, a socially conscious startup that helps seven different products like gum and mints.  I immediately fell in love with the company and jumped at the first opportunity that came my way to join their team.  For the next two years I had an incredible and fulfilling experience working at Project 7 and learned a lot about the impact of social entrepreneurship."

"During that time, I also started to connect with other like-minded social entrepreneurs that were running amazing businesses that were built on similar One for One model.  They were helping people in creative and incredible ways locally and across the globe. I was blown away that I never knew about all of these great companies and the great work that they were doing. That's when Give Generation was born. It didn't take long for me to realize that more people could benefit from a platform that featured all the brands and products that give back."

She gathered information and hired someone to create a website...

"A very simple site that features hundreds of fashion-forward products with a short description of how each product gives back to a cause. To date we have added over 150 brands and nearly 400 products that give back to a variety of causes and we're adding new ones every week"

Thank you for taking the time to read and most importantly check out their site and link up on social networks. It's something I plan on keeping my eye on for a while. Thankful for this girl and her big heart! Here are the links:

Future post:
I will be featuring at least two businesses a month that give back and you can find all of those post in the tab on the right side titled "Give Back", really excited to start that project! :)