Wednesday, March 26, 2014

*iPhone Photography* - Round Two!

Hello friends! I have been so far behind in sharing so much with you. It has been an incredibly long couple of weeks with lots of ups and a few downs. After fighting a cold for a week I am finally feeling better and ready to jump back into all that I have been putting off. Exciting news is photography work has been keeping me really really busy, and I have SO much to show you! I thought I would do another "iPhone Photography" blog. I've decided to make it a once a month here on the blog cause I always want to share the photos I take on my phone. It's a little peep into my daily life.
Here are some moments I have captured on my phone that I want to share:
1. I went and spent the day with my Grandma, something I don't get to do enough and I always make her take a picture with me even though she absolutely hates it and complains every.single.time. But this time she didn't even put up a fight and I even got a shot of her laughing. SUCCESS!

2. Here are some photos around the property of my home. The flowers are so pretty this time of year!
3. Every couple of weeks I go over to my dear friends home to have dinner and catch up and enjoy a little wine. We sat on the back porch while the sun was setting and it was perfection.

3. Brussels sprouts and mushrooms cooked together are becoming one of my fav things to make as a side dish for dinner and it makes for a pretty picture if you ask me :) Don't mind my little polka dot socks. Haha!

 4. Early morning work shift and I snapped a quick shot off the balcony. I love my hometown.

 5. I did a little work out at the Zucca Winery and boyyy is it pretty out there! So many old barns and everything is so green!

Hope you enjoyed another "iPhone Photography" set.
My next shoot I am featuring on the blog is some crazy awesome acro-yoga ladies, stay tuned! Cant wait for you to see those! <3 p="">

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