Friday, January 31, 2014

*Music Friday*

  Happy Friday friends! Today's Music Friday is dedicated to Ingrid Michaelson! She is a singer/songrwriter and I have been obsessed with her music for about 4 years now. I'm really not sure how I even discovered her music but I am thankful that I did. I feel that at one time or another in my life I have been able to relate to her lyrics in almost every single song that she has written. I love it when people write music that is relatable, it really draws me in. I got the most amazing opportunity to see her in concert a couple years ago when she had a show in Tucson at the Rialto Theatre... It is a gorgeous historical theatre might I add! I never realized the amount of beauty Tucson had until I attended her show. The entire evening was incredible!
It is really difficult for me to narrow down a few songs to choose because I honestly love almost every single one...Basically you need to buy all of her albums. :)
The first song I am sharing is a little up beat, fun song that makes me smile... "Parachute"

"Ghost" is another song that I find to be so darn beautiful. A slower song and a little sad, but beautiful.

This last song is an absolute favorite... A couple years ago life was not going the way I had "planned" it to go. I felt myself sliding into a depression to the point where I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning for work. Some of the lyrics that stood out to me when I would hear this song are: "Don't waste a minute on the darkness and the pity sitting in your mind and Do it right now" and "No one's gonna wait for you." This song really helped me in that time and showed me that life wasn't going to just magically change, that I had to stand up, be strong and do something about it. To me it is a very powerful song and has spoke wonders into my life. Music is incredibly powerful and my story proves it. Here is the song "Do it now'

I hope you enjoy this artist and her music. A little birdy shared with me today that Ingrid will be going back on tour and the dates will be up this Tuesday. I am ecstatic! She not only can sing amazing live but she also is hilarious! One of the funniest shows I have been to by far! You almost feel like you are at a stand up comedy show going to see her. I suggest you check out the dates on Tuesday and buy some tickets. I know that I will be!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

*Fun iPhone Photography*

The past month I have really been trying to train myself to take more pictures on my *real* camera. It is just way to easy and convenient to pull out my iPhone and snap a picture. But lets be real the quality isn't the best. I have recently discovered some editing apps that I really love to use and it turns my plain ol' boring photo into something that really pops and becomes art. LOVE that! I have recently done a better job using my real camera but that doesn't stop me from using my phone. It's just too fun, especially if you are a fan of Instagram as much as I am.

So I thought why not do a little post on my iPhone photography. I have captured some really beautiful moments with my phone and would like to share them with you! :)

1. I went wine tasting with a few friends a couple of weeks ago and grabbed this neat shot of all the barrels.

2. I am becoming a little chef these days. Every day this year for at least one meal I have had to try and make something delicious even if I have NO idea what I am doing (which is most of the time.) So far I haven't made anything I couldn't eat so if you ask me that is SUCCESS! Here is a photo of a ham and cheese scramble with all kinds of yummy veggies and avacodo and sriracha drizzled on top. Delish if you ask me!

3. I started going to this adorable little coffee shop recently and I have fallen in love with the atmosphere and their amazing lattes!

4. About a month or so ago we had a crazy snow storm that hit and it left so much beauty to be captured.

5. I went ice skating for the first time in my life last month and let me tell you it was a blast! Terrifying...but fun! Here is a snapshot of the d├ęcor they had hanging above the rink.

6. Driving around different places sometimes I come across little old houses like this and I can't help but wonder the many stories that home has hidden away. Such a beautiful mystery.

Stay tuned for a fun, rustic, creative shoot (with a beautiful model) and some portraits of a local musician!

Friday, January 10, 2014

*Music Friday*

I am back for my third post on Music Friday! Friday's are my favorite day of the week, not just because its the beginning of the weekend but because I really look forward to doing these post and sharing music that I really enjoy.

Over the last year or so this band has become pretty popular. It is rare for me to come across an album that I love every single song. Of Monsters and Men is the bands name and I can put their album on repeat and it just never gets old. "Dirty Paws" is by far one of my favorites to listen to and another good one that you should check out that is a softer song of theirs is Love Love Love

"Need to Breathe" is another really great band. They are a Rock/Christian Band and one of the things I love about their music is that they have really strong, beautiful lyrics. That is something that really draws me in to their music and you don't have to be a Christian to listen to their music and enjoy it. I feel like the moment people hear "Christian band" they turn their noses up right away and act like its just not for them. There are some incredible Christian musicians out there that everybody should give a chance. Here are two songs that I really enjoy and hope that you do too... :)

I hope that everyone is having a great Friday! Like always feel free to share your favorite music or a certain song or band that you really enjoy!

Monday, January 6, 2014

What I Wore - Cozy/Comfy

Let me first start off by stating that I, in NO way think that I am some fashion-ista, nor do I think I am some type of model. That being said here is my first "Style Blog"...

Everyone will tell you that while I was growing up that I was the biggest tom boy around! I remember my first time choosing to wear a skirt and a pink shirt (it even said Abercrombie on it, ugh!) when I was a sophomore in high school and even then it wasn't really my choice. My friend made me borrow her clothes and she put mascara on me. What the, what?! I didn't understand why on earth anyone would want to put that gunk on their eyelashes! Haha! Let's just say that I have come a long way since then. I still however really enjoy having a relaxed style.

About a year ago I feel like style blogs really got big in this crazy online world. I would follow them off and on and wish I could be as cute and stylish as all of these ladies. Probably in the past 2 months my Instagram feed has been taken over by style post and I love it! It's so fun to see what people come up with for their own style whether it be their hair, clothes or jewelry and you know I am a sucker for good photographs. So this is my attempt at being as cute and stylish but still keeping true to myself and my tom boy ways. :)
Blue top: Target
Leggings: TJ Max
Boots: Payless
Scarf: Addictions Tanning

I chose this outfit based on comfort, obviously. I was heading to Tahoe and going to be sitting in a car for around 3hrs and wanted to feel as comfortable as possible. My favorite item that I am wearing is my scarf. I found it in a little boutique in downtown Sonora, CA called Addictions Tanning. I purchased this cozy scarf and some nice brown boots that will be in my next style post. It is easily becoming one of my favorite places to check out when I am in Sonora. The boyfriend and I stopped in Jackson, CA to take these fun shots. Such a cute little town with some awesome rustic, old buildings.

Photos taken by: Nate Frazier
Edited by: Me
Hopefully a few of you enjoyed this post! Happy Monday!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Saying Goodbye to 2013...

Happy New Year friends! Can you even believe that it is January 1st 2014?

For me time has flown by in some ways and in others not so much. I had a lot of really great things that came of this past year and some not so great things. I was able to leave a job that I strongly disliked and was offered a position at two different places that fit me perfectly. I lost my place that I called home. I reconnected with old friends and lost a few as well. My Grams moved an hour away from me after living states away for over 5 years. I restarted my photography business and blog. I fell in love then had to repair that love. Found a new beautiful home to call my own. I discovered a kind of strength and courage that I never knew I could possibly have. Tried to trust God every step of the way and have patience that everything will turn out ok and in return he has blessed me so incredibly much. I am so happy that my year is ending on such a beautiful note.

I am in the process of moving into my new home, my relationship is stronger then ever and I am ready to take my photography business to a whole new level! 2014 is going to be my year and I hope you follow along in my journey!
Goodbye 2013 and HELLO 2014!