Friday, December 13, 2013

*Music Friday*

It's no doubt that music is a huge part of my life. From a young age I have been drawn to music and lyrics. I am captured by beautiful words constantly and when someone takes those beautiful words and creates music out of it my heart is won. (Obviously, I am dating a musician, Haha!) Being a photographer and spending hours upon hours editing at your computer you need something to help you through those long hours and music has been it for me. I sometimes get distracted when a good song comes on and I cant help but break out in a little dance party with my pug dog Bella. Soooo I thought it would be fun to share with you guys the music that gets me through my work week.

"Daughter" is a band that was brought to my attention a couple months ago and I have been non stop listener ever since. Daughter is an English indie rock band originating from London. The first song that caught my eye is called Youth.

Another song is called "Smother" its such a relaxing song to listen to. I encourage you to listen to both! :)

I think everyone has heard of Lorde by now because of her popular song "Royals". That song is not what caught my attention, the song I have been really enjoying is called "Team". Her music has not really caught me completely yet. I think its something that will probably grow on me in the future but this song I enjoy and will probably have it on repeat soon. :)

and last but not least...THIS SONG! GUYS, Can I just tell you that there are few songs that I literally can NOT contain myself from dancing too. I have heard this song at 6am in the morning on my drive to work, half asleep and feeling like death till I hear the beginning and then I am wide eyed, singing and dancing like a fool in my car! It's so fun and up beat and I doubt you will be able to contain your dance moves when you hear it! ;)

One Republic - "Counting Stars"

Well I hope you enjoyed my first "Music Friday" Blog. I will be posting every Friday so I hope you check back for more and if you feel compelled to, please share any of your favorite songs or artist with me! I love talking music and soon enough I have will be posting about some local NorCal artist that I will be interviewing and sharing their music with you as well. Really looking forward to that! So stayed tuned for much more to come and HAPPY FRIDAY!

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Jody said...

I've been stuck on Haim since their performance on SNL.