Friday, November 22, 2013

6 Things {The Girl Behind The Camera}

So if you have a Facebook, which lets face it most of everybody does these days, you probably have noticed one of the latest trends. Which had something to do with posting a certain amount of *random facts about yourself that people may not know* and if you like or comment on the post then they give you a number to post your own things. Some how I singed up for this, my lovely cousin Steph gave me the number 6. I don't usually go along with the Facebook trends because they kinda drive me crazy but I decided this time, why the heck not! After typing it all out I thought it would be fun to share on my blog for people who may or may not know me. So here it is... I even decided to add more detail to some of the subjects...

Here goes 6 things you might not know about me...
- My dream was to be in the WNBA. I played basketball my entire life till my senior year of high school when I found out my Grandpa had cancer. I have only picked up a basketball maybe 5 times since then.
- My real name is Angelica. I shortened it to Angel when I was in 4th grade b/c I was made fun of constantly...Even though I was much nicer than the Angelica from Rugrats ;) Still to this day if someone calls me Angelica I cringe.
- I work at a Independent and Assisted Living Home as the Concierge. I have a huge heart for the elderly and I know more then ever that this is where I am meant to be at this time in my life. I was raised by my Grandparents which instilled in me a kind and patient heart. They are my heroes and I will forever be grateful for the life that they gave me.
- I often find my self going against most people's opinion of what I should do and how I should live. Not to be rebellious but simply because I follow my own heart. This has been good and bad for me. I am only 25 and I have lived the life of a 40 year old. I haven't always made the best decisions but I know whole heartedly that I have learned from every mistake that I made and believe that everything I have been through has made me a better person.
- When I dream about my future and the possibility of a family, I envision a little Pug dog farm with a few French Bulldogs in the mix.
- I am as low maintenance as girl could get and I like it that way. I have never been a girly girl, and growing up everyone knew me as the tomboy that just wanted to play a game of basketball with the boys. Thankfully I have matured in that area and as of recently have started to enjoy putting outfits together and throwing in a little dressiness with my normally casual outfits.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about me! Stay tuned for a cute little newborn/family session on the blog next week and a possible *Outfit of the day* post!

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