Friday, November 8, 2013

Casey & Jeff {Engaged}

Here is a couple that I admire. Their personality's compliment each other so well and they were such a joy to spend time with. Before the shoot we had breakfast together and I am thinking about making that a requirement now before any of my shoots...Food first! Haha! Kidding. But really, just spending that little time with them before the photo shoot was wonderful! It's good to get comfortable with people before you throw them in front of your camera. It gives them a sense of comfort and myself for that matter. They made my job way to easy and they brought their pup along! She melted my heart. Such a sweet loving dog and so awesome to see other people treat their dog like it's their child too. We relate on that SO much! But anywhoooo...Here is Casey and Jeff's Engagement photos! Enjoy...
-Angel T Cupp

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