Monday, February 3, 2014

Kelsey {Model & Entrepreneur}

  To me there is nothing greater then coming together with other creative souls who just want to live and breathe art the way that you do. I have been itching to do a little creative and "out of the box" type of photo shoot. It's something I used to do on a monthly basis with friends when I lived in Arizona. Sadly its something I haven't done in over a year, till last week. I got together with my lovely friend Kelsey and we made some serious magic with my camera.

Meet Kelsey,

  It is refreshing and encouraging to meet young entrepreneurs like myself. Kelsey is one really sweet lady. She is incredibly easy going and chill. She is quiet and bold all at the same time. When she sets her mind to something she goes after it with everything she has. Its really not a common thing to find in people and it is something that I admire about her.

  Kelsey has been modeling for three years and has been published in "Hello there Handsome" Issue #1 and issue #3. She also has recently picked up the camera to explore the other side of the lens. Kelsey was recently inspired to create a magazine full of art. Her site states that this is "An art style magazine to showcase the creative works of models and photographers. Created with the intent to evoke emotion and creativity!" The magazine is titled "Art Warfare" and Ryan Draper and Christiaan Fancher are her partners in crime.  Art Warfare magazine was released Feb 1st and is available for purchase! I am sure Kelsey is beaming with joy from this great accomplishment! Kudos to you Kels and keep on living your dreams!


Hope you enjoyed this fun little photo session! I have a give-away coming up so stay tuned for that!

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