Sunday, February 23, 2014

Zucca Mountain Vineyards {Local Business}

  I was asked to photograph Zucca's tasting room a while back and I thought it would be fun to feature their business here on the blog. I have a special love for this place for a couple of reasons. One: I really really love wine and their wine is incredible. Two: I started working for the Zucca's over a year ago and they are such amazing people to work for. It also helps that two of my best friends work there and every once in a while we get to work side by side. Gotta love small town businesses!

  Here is a little info I grabbed from their website to give you an idea of their business...
  • "Zucca is owned and operated by Carol and Gary Zucca who opened their tasting room in the famous Cellar or Cave, as it is called, on main street Murphys, over 10 years ago, helping to establish the foothills as an area for excellent wines."
  • "Zucca Wines, a boutique winery making fine wines in limited quantity. Zucca is about sharing great wine, being good and green, enjoying friends and family, traveling, having good food and just plain having a good time! Join us!
 This is the upstairs portion to the tasting room. Called the Toscano room. This portion of their three story building is open during the day on Saturday for tasting. It is also open Friday and Saturday evenings for their "Zucca After Hours." After Hours is their wine bar that is open from 5-8! This is where you will usually find me working on the weekend and its a blast! You simply take a seat in our garden area, someone will come take your order for either a glass of wine, bottle of wine or flight and you will be served your wine shortly after. All while enjoying the garden area with our awesome fire pits! You cant beat the service or the relaxing scenery. Come visit! They also have live music returning March 22nd! Check out their website for more info on that! 

Tesoro is my personal fav! Come by and try a glass!

This would be the "Cave/Cellar" portion of their Tasting Room, where tasting is open Mon-Sun 12pm-5pm! They have a great little deal that when you purchase your tasting for $5 you receive a token so when you go to purchase wine you can turn it in and receive $5 off your bottle, or come taste for free with it the next time you visit...OR use it at after hours and receive $5 off your glass of wine! It's a win win in my book!! :)

 Well I hope you enjoyed a little feature on this local winery and if you haven't taken time to stop by I hope that you do now! :)

Make sure to check our their website for more info:
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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