Friday, February 28, 2014

*Music Friday*- Live Concert Experience {Young The Giant}

  I am incredibly excited to share this post with you. Young the Giant has been a band that I have really enjoyed listening to for a couple of years. When I first met Nate we talked about music for hours and hours and played music incredibly loud in his little studio and danced till 3 in the morning. Ohhh how I miss having the energy and desire to stay up that late and dance the night away. We both bonded over our strong love for the song "Cough Syrup", Back in the day when I was young and a little wild I would take a late night drive to clear my mind and get rid of some stress. I would drive way too fast on back roads in Arizona (I was driving a mini van back then, so I couldn't have been going that fast, haha.) I would put the song "Cough Syrup" on repeat and as loud as it could go and just drive and sing and it was genuinely like therapy for me. When I hear the song now I think back on those days when life was so hard and it reminds me of how far I have come since then. I am grateful.

 Check the song out here...
The moment I knew that these guys were on tour I searched tickets and two days later purchased them. I initially got them for a Christmas/Anniversary gift for Nate but what I discovered a couple days after I purchased the tickets was that the concert was the day after his birthday. It worked out perfectly for me! I knew this would be a great gift, the toughest part was keeping the tickets a secret for 2 months till we opened our Christmas gifts in Tahoe. It was a really fun surprise! I would say my all time favorite song of theirs is "My Body", of course they played that song at the very end and literally everyone was jumping up and down singing and dancing! Such a blast.
Check out that song here...soooo darn good.

Here are some of the photos I got that evening, Don't be too critical of them, I took them with my little point and shoot camera and I actually like the grainy look that the photos have. One of my dreams would be to follow along tour with a great band and capture the entire thing with my camera. Oh, I cant even tell you how amazing that would be. Maybe some day! ;) Enjoy the photos...

They were so incredible live, I could go on and on for days about this band. Make sure to check the rest of their music out.  So grateful for the experience!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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Nate Nathan said...

Awesome!! Wonderful blog and great insight on a great band!

You rock