Friday, February 14, 2014

*Happy Valentines Day* GIVEAWAY!

  I hope that everyone has a beautiful day full of happiness and love! I don't believe this day has anything to do with receiving flowers or chocolates or any specific kind of gift or whether or not you have a significant other. I do believe that this day is about appreciating life and your loved ones. I always tend to treat Valentines Day more like a Thanksgiving (sadly without the turkey and stuffing.) I would take turkey and stuffing over flowers and chocolate any day! Haha! I think its SO important to look around you and appreciate the big and little things. Even on my toughest days I always have something to be grateful for whether it be something as small as a sweet text message from a friend, the beautiful sunrise or sunset, a phone call from my Grandma, cuddle time with my adorable little pug dog. We all have something to be grateful for. So I encourage you to take the time today to think of what it is that you are grateful for and keep your mind focused on that. Every year since my Grandpa has passed away I call my Grandma on Valentines Day and ask her to be my Valentine. Just knowing that it puts a smile on her face makes my entire day. I also want to encourage you to do something for someone else. Don't be wrapped up in the idea that no one did anything for you. Be selfless and giving and most the time that is ten times more rewarding then ever receiving a single thing from anybody! :)

  Well I thought since today I am announcing the winner of the Valentines Giveaway I would post the result of last years winners! I gave away three photoshoots and each photo shoot was so much fun and different then the last! This post is a little overloaded with photos but I got a little excited about sharing them! I hope you enjoy!
Meet Alex, We shot these photos to help her start her Acro Yoga Portfolio. One of the most fun/creative shoots I have ever experienced. Acro Yoga is like an entire new world to me and something I plan on attempting sometime soon! If you are in the Calaveras County area you MUST attend one of her classes! :)
Meet Taryn and her two precious baby girls. Aren't they the prettiest bunch around?! Those little ones are gonna be some heart breakers when they grow up!
Meet Sydney, She was the winner of the Arizona portion of the give-away. I wanted to make sure I was still involving my awesome clients there who constantly make me feel loved and missed. Sydney is a doll. Beautiful on the outside but incredibly sweet and caring on the inside.
I hope that you enjoyed looking over last years winners!
 Now finally what you have been waiting for...This years winners of the Valentines Giveaway are.....
Amber Burton
Brittany Castillo!!!
Looking forward to having you two in front of my camera!
Happy Valentines Day friends!

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