Friday, May 30, 2014

Music Friday - Local Artist {Nicholas Lefler}

  Happy Music Friday! Today is bittersweet for me. It is my the last feature on the local artist project! The past couple months have been a blast working and getting to know so many wonderful people! I have worked really hard to keep this going the month of May and I am proud of myself that I accomplished my goal! I don't think I realized what a big task it would be but every ounce of energy was worth it! So if you stuck around and read each Friday blog this month then THANK YOU!

  I am really happy to have Nicholas Lefler as my final post. I feel that his music adds a different variety then the others I have posted and I am happy to have his talent on the blog! When Nick started playing this song I immediately wanted to start dancing. It is so fun and upbeat!  One thing I admire about Nick is his passion for his music. He puts a lot of energy into his work and it shows so much! Check out the song out below...

Meet Nicholas Lefler:

What bands are currently inspiring you and your music?
Well I rarely listen to music other than my own creations unless I am having writers block or need inspiration, but recently I've been enjoying lots of random stuff like Blackmill, Miguel, Empire Of The Sun and Leonard Cohen.
What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment thus far in the music world?
To be honest, being able to support myself and my daughter doing what I love. And sharing my passion with the world. We live in a world that shuts down dreams. A dream is energy. If you never stop the momentum of that energy, it will never fail you. For 20 years now I have kept momentum. I guess I'm proud of not giving up.
What is the main topic of yours songs?
Emotions. Most of my songs are improvised and I will literally
look out into my audience and read what they want, and that is what I will play.
Where can people find your music?  Free streaming. Plus I give away free music all the time. 

What do the moments look like right before your about to perform?
Depends... typically, I'm just totally natural, ready to do what I do...but sometimes, everything is
different... like someone in the audience startles me... and I get nervous, excited and I feel like a teenager again. I love that feeling.
What instruments do you play?
Guitar, Drum Set, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion... etc... I started to learn multiple instruments
once I became a sound engineer. It was much easier to learn every instrument rather than seek out 
musicians. And much cheaper to make records if you could do everything yourself.
What are your fondest musical memories?
In 2005, I was in Arizona touring with my band Alma and a man came to me on a set break and told
me he had seen us 6 months before when he was fired from his job and cheated on by his wife.
He said he was going to kill himself that night. He told me, our show changed his life and since
then his life had been totally different. He got a better job and was seeing a beautiful girl.

Is there any funny/awkward situations between you and fans that really stick out to you?
I've had to deal with stalkers, but mostly fans are the most beautiful thing an artist could
ever wish for. 
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Dream and Imagine and try new things to fulfill your passions. That is a life well lived. I dare
I will still be featuring artist as I discover more but this is the end of the Local Musician Project! I hope you all have enjoyed following along with these post and more importantly I hope you have discovered some new music and musicians to follow! We all appreciate the support so much!


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Incredible talent and incredible work on completing such an awesome project!