Friday, May 2, 2014

Music Friday - Local Artisit Feature {Nicole Sass}

Happy Month of May!
  I am really excited to announce a project I have had in the works since February! Every Friday in the month of May I will be posting a different {local} musician or band to feature here on the blog! The feature includes photos, video and an interview. For the past year I have been playing around with video work here and there and what I really like about the videos you will be watching here is that they are raw and in the moment. When I search YouTube for an artist I want to listen to, almost every. single. time. I search for a live or acoustic version. I personally connect with the song on a completely different level and that is what I want to share with you here. If you have a YouTube account make sure to subscribe to my new channel... click here to check it out:[TCuppPhotography] or click on the video below. :)
  Living in Calaveras County I am blessed to be surrounded by all types of artistic and creative people and I want to spread the word of there talent to the best of my ability and that is basically where this project stemmed from. I hope you follow along the next 4 Fridays to discover and get to know some incredible talent...Enjoy!

Meet Nicole Sass....
-The video below she is covering a song by Bon Iver called "Flume"-

Nicole Sass is a beautiful soul who is located in Murphys, CA I asked her a handful of questions to share about her music and here is what she shared with me...

What instruments do you use?
A guitar I borrowed from a friend, a mic I borrowed from a friend, a PA I borrowed from a friend, cables I borrow from friends, and my voice, which is all mine :)
What was your very first instrument you learned to play? 
Actually it was the clarinet.  Third grade.  Made twinkle twinkle my jam.
What has your experience been like so far working in the music industry and living out your dream?
Luckier than I could imagine.  I was given a trip to London for just a song.  And that taught me to believe in myself and what I can give musically.
What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?) 
My songs are very different.  Each one is about something different but I would say that they all start with a moment.  I like to spread a single moment through an entire song.
What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment thus far in the music world?
I would have to say just getting myself out there in a solo aspect has been something I've wanted to do always.  Getting to do it for the first time in the United Kindom was a super big bonus though. 


What bands are currently inspiring you and your music?

I am totally in love with the Staves right now.  Kina Grannis is another who I am really into.  I love the powerful yet simple way a song sounds with just a woman and a guitar.

What do the moments look like right before your about to perform?
They look like pure light.  I can't ever identify any particular situations because I just get in the zone and see shapes and colors and nothing else.
Is there any funny/awkward situations between you and fans that really stick out to you?
I love intimate shows like the ones at the V where the audience can shout out song requests and I can learn em and play them.  Not awkward so much, but setting myself up for the possibility I'm sure :)

Have you been in any competitions?
I won Calaveras Idol in 2013.  And have been in many vocal competitions throughout my life.  Although, it was competition that turned me off to music briefly.  I believe there is no competition in expression, and I had to remember that when competition felt too draining.

What are your fondest musical memories?
So many!  Every beautiful moment I've ever recalled has a song that goes with it... Wouldn't have it any other way :)
Where can people find your music?
Right now I am on bandcamp. but hoping to get on iTunes soon.

Where is your next show?
May 10th- V bistro

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I have never been great at adding.



Thanks for checking out the blog! Hope you come back soon!

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