Thursday, May 8, 2014

Carla {Senior Portraits}

  It's no secret that Senior Portrait Sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. It's such a fun time in your life when your almost done with high school and your planning out your future...Wether it be college, traveling or finding a full time job. It's an exciting time in life! 

  Carla is such a sweet girl and we had such a fun time roaming around waterfalls and in big fields of grass. Some of the locations we shot at will definitely be my go to places for photo shoots, except maybe near the creek where I was photographing Carla standing in the water and I look down to my left to find a snake moving towards me. I've had some crazy experiences at shoots but this by far was the craziest. (I may or may not have used a lot of foul language and ran off screaming.) ;)

  It was really difficult for me to pick just a few photos to show you cause I love so many of them, and I hope you do too! Enjoy! :)


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