Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kelsey {Model}

  It's been about a month since my last blog post. I have SO much to show you but not enough time to show you. haha! I promise I am working on that. I finally have internet at home and I don't feel like I live in a cave anymore! It is wonderful! :)

  I introduced Kelsey on my blog in February when she had amazing blue hair. You can see that post (here). Something I love about Kels is how much her hair style/color changes, she can pull off anything, it amazes me! I have been eyeing this spot in Murphys, for a photo shoot for quite some time and I had come across a photo online that really inspired me. It was a overcast day which worked perfectly with the feel of these photos. I've been doing so many family shoots lately so it was nice to throw in a model shoot and get my creative juices flowing again. Hope you enjoy :)


Thank Kels for working with me again. I always love having you in front of my camera! :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mother/Daughter love. {Family Portraits}

  Carrissa and I have been friends since we were freshman in high school. Our journey since high school has actually been some-what similar. Carrissa is the kind of girl you can spend hours upon hours with and just laugh constantly over the dumbest things. Seeing her be a mother is such a wonderful thing. Her daughter has quite the personality and will make you laugh just as much as her. I like happy people. They are the best kind of people. :)

  Scroll through the photos below to check out all of their cuteness... There is SO much cuteness!




 I love you two dearly, thank you for having me capture these precious moments.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Vidales {Family Portraits}

  I got the opportunity to photograph this family on 4th of July weekend. I have known Destiny since we were kids and she ended up moving to Arizona around the time I moved back to California. Unfortunately. We have tried to connect when I make my way back to AZ but it never has worked out. She booked a shoot for this upcoming October while I am in AZ and when I found out she was on her way to California to celebrate the 4th I offered to do her shoot sooner. It was so good catching up with her and meeting her husband and children. They are all such a happy little family, their happiness is contagious! Hope you guys enjoy their family photos! :)
Make sure to see the last photo on the blog of the kids living life dangerously... haha!

Thanks for checking out my blog, Happy Monday!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Amber & Gatlin {Maternity}

  I took some time off from my blog, life got a bit hectic but I definitely didn’t put the camera down in that amount of time. I have SO much to catch up on. So expect to have lots of blog reading and images from me in the next couple weeks as I play catch up.

   Here is a session I photographed a couple months back. Amber looked absolutely stunning at her maternity session and I loved the earthy hippie vibe we had going. It was very fitting for her and her loved ones. Photographed with her is her boyfriend and in some of the shots her twin sister stepped in. Its truly beautiful the connection you can see she has with both of them and I really didn’t want to put my camera down. I could have photographed her for hours.

She now has a beautiful, healthy, baby boy that I hope to get in front of my camera sometime soon!

Amber, you are stunning.
Thanks for checking out my blog, stay tuned for another post on Wednesday! :)